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We have amalgamated links of similar sites, these sites have been checked by us.

We noticed a large amount of sites on the internet with similar content, the problem our userbase has is, it is difficult to determine which sites are actually beneficial and which site may deliver a negative impact. So we have provided a list of links below. These sites an the owners may actually be able to help and advise you without compromising your data.

Police reform, it is best we work together.

Beyond The Powers

On this website you will find an array of resources such as articles, interviews, videos and more. If you need help with a particular issue, then you can contact us about the matter here. Below are some examples of issues that we can assist you with, they include but are not limited to:

• Civil actions against the police for torts such as wrongful arrest, assault, battery, trespass to land and interference with goods etc.
• Getting your personal data from public authorities and companies
• Getting CCTV footage and body worn video (BWV) footage from the police and other organisations
• Non-molestation orders (NMOs) (anti-harassment injunctions in the family court)
• Making formal complaints
• Finding an appropriate solicitor and/or barrister
• Directing you to the right organisation for your issue e.g. the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman
• Police cautions
• ‘Voluntary’ interviews
• Private prosecutions

Reform and Rebuild

We are an advice, information and support network service for prisoners, their families and friends who are going through the prison experience and who would like to know more about the system, prisoner rights and what support is available. As the prison population grows, and more people become affected by the alienation of the prison world, we plan to equip people with the knowledge, information and the support they may need to help them get through this difficult time.

In many prisons, immigration detention centres and juvenile detention facilities, we recognise that individuals living in these establishments can suffer from physical mistreatment, excessive disciplinary sanctions, barely tolerable physical conditions and inadequate medical and mental health care. We provide an up-to-date service through materials, support, advice and information for prisoners, families and friends to help them navigate through the system.

Unified Accountability and Reporting made easy | Empowering citizens to effectively track, record conduct throughout the justice system.

Note: A review or rating does NOT constitute as a endorsement or bribe.

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